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Unique in its own right, Paulo's Brazilian Soccer Academy program has gained local, national and international recognition. See below to learn more. 




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Paulo’s Soccer Experience has also received a lot of great feedback from the families that have traveled with him to Florianopolis, Brazil.


Every day was filled with great adventures and lots of inspiring soccer … We would love to return to your paradise.”


“I have been to many beautiful places, but Florianopolis, Brazil will go down as one of my favorites. The combination of the magnificent ocean, majestic mountains and the incredibly beautiful and friendly people made the trip one of my most memorable vacations.”


“Muito Bom” (Very good)! Not sure there is any better way to describe the week we had with you in heaven − I mean Florianopolis. It was so beautiful, I was confused."


“Not only was your country beautiful and scenic, but the people of Brazil were so friendly and warm. You, your family and the immediate people involved with the trip were most hospitable and gracious. We all felt so welcome. The food was absolutely out of this world, our accommodations were first rate and the sightseeing was spectacular. There was nothing more we could have wanted or needed.”


“What a picturesque setting for the girls to practice among the ruins of a fort. I could go on and on about every day we spent in your country. Thank you for this wonderful experience and making our lives richer.”


“I hope that you plan more of these trips as the more our children know about other cultures, the greater opportunity we have for our children to grow knowing what a great world this is.”

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